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Do you want to master Viral Marketing and apprehend its Tactics!

Read Below! Every marketer’s dreams to have an amazing viral marketing campaign that reaches each customer's touchpoints, but sadly no one can ever be 100% sure whether the content they have prepared will go viral or not.  The customers are the only ones who actually, control the virality of any product or services. Viral marketing is basically an approach designed [...]

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Coping up with Digital Marketing Post COVID-19!

COVID-19 pandemic has distorted the businesses all around the world, making business owners rethink and entirely rephrase their marketing strategies. The current circumstances have been fluctuating customer behaviours and actions in a great way. In this perplexing situation, it is necessary that the business owner adapts to the changing aspects of the market and progress in order to persist in [...]

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BABA KA DHABA- SOCIAL MEDIA MAGIC Social media has the power to change lives, and the latest example is an elderly couple Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi in Delhi whose Baba ka Dhaba, the little blue box at Malviya Nagar in South Delhi, was the centre of attraction of many eyes across the country. A day after the [...]

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Why choose a career in digital marketing?

There are many facts around the world that almost every business whether large scale or small scale must take digital steps in their marketing strategies & activities sooner or later, The way businesses are growing, demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day, the supply of digital marketer is outweighing, That's why there are a lot of opportunities available [...]

Need of Website in Digital Marketing

Those who want to have a career in Digital marketing must have a website You ask Why? Well to answer that we first need to understand about the website.. What’s a Website? Going by the definition of Wikipedia ,a website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on [...]

Content Writing : Job Opportunities for Freelancers

content writing is one of the best solution for your freelance career, said who? |your dream career| -partner freelance-   What is Content Writing ? Content writing is a type of internet writing which is firmly connected to web advertising efforts. This implies making the writings or the content which shows up on sites that are intended to offer or [...]

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Cyber laws in digital marketing

Every game has it's own rule and regulations so as the Field of Digital Marketing. Get an insight into the Important Cyber laws to follow in digital marketing. What Is Cyber Law? Cyber law refers to how statutory principles and legislation govern the use of the internet in every form. Internet law is a synonym for cyber law. Unlike other areas [...]

Establish web presence to generate leads  

You have a web page up and looking good and now you need as many methods as possible to draw traffic to your page to generate sales leads online.   Organic search on the web is about getting found by the people interested in exactly what you offer. Sure, you can run ads – they cost a fortune and don’t [...]

What is freelancing? What you need to become a freelance?

In recent years, the word "freelance" have gained some hype. However, there are not many people who can clearly say what kind of freelance is. Freelancer is a person who does not belong to a company, organization, etc. but contracts freely according to work. In many occasions such as writers, photographers, designers, programmers, etc., it often refers to those who [...]

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What is E Commerce Marketing and why its essential ?

E commerce refers to commercial transactions conducted through digital networks. In other words,it is about selling and buying done on the internet. It is mainly of two types B2B (intercompany) & B2C (between enterprise and consumer). Examples of BtoC could be number 1 ecommerce store, Amazon, and examples of BtoB include the number 1 wholesaler Alibaba     Why E-commerce? [...]