Need of Website in Digital Marketing

Those who want to have a career in Digital marketing must have a website You ask Why?
Well to answer that we first need to understand about the website..

What’s a Website?

Going by the definition of Wikipedia ,a website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. A website may be accessible by referencing a uniform resource locator(URL) that identifies the site.

Types of Website?

As website is a place that provides knowledgeable content to the user, it can be of many types.

A website could be a personal blog that is related to food, fashion or travel, It could be a business, agency or corporate website that’s related to a company providing services, We all are aware of the companies that sell products like Amazon and Walmart their websites are categorised into Ecommerce website.

All in all a website could be ranging from personal blogs to public products, entertainment to social networks , from calling a cab to booking a nearby hotel , from ordering food to checking out local shops and etc.

A website got many functions and are majorly dedicated to a particular core categories or topics i must say to solve a particular purpose.   

Why you need a Website?

Although need of website is essential for everyone but still that depends on individual’s perspective.

Being a digital marketer a website could make you good income provided you invest some time in it. If you got your plan or already running a business you must remember a user will be knowing you through your website. The very first interaction your potential customer will make with you would be online via your website . Also we cannot neglect the fact that Jio did made a huge impact in increasing internet users in India by 600% or infact more than that.

Nowadays most users are likely to check your info before making a crucial move to be the part of your company or to check your contact details and you address.

13 reasons as to why every Digital Marketer should need a website.

Learn/Practice SEO

The base of Digital Marketing is Search Engine Optimization, if not learnt or practiced properly you cannot term yourself a true Digital Marketer. 

Is it really necessary to have a website to learn SEO? 
Well, the basic title tags and meta description can be managed with subdomains of Web 2.0 like blogger, wordpress etc but as you won’t be having any access to your hosting control panel you won’t be able to perform any technical SEO concepts in your website. Technical SEO is related to Structured data and rich snippets, 301,302 Redirections, 
canonicalization, robots file, Sitemaps etc.

Learn by Trial and Error

Digital Marketing is a game of Trials and errors. As marketing geniuses says, nothing is completely wrong and nothing is 100% right. What works for you not necessarily will work for others.  
The main approach that we see through a website is the affinity of the audience and take action accordingly and make a note of each and every possible outcomes of the same to get towards a more appropriate results.  For Example: the left sidebar in e-commerce website is tracked on the basis of user’s behaviour , having which color at top is making more sales to what types of audiences is taken note of.

Knowing the User Behaviour

Having a website by a digital marketer means having to track the visitors and getting to know their behaviour in website in order to track their clicks and patterns. A free Analytics tool by Google is one of the best way to know about the website visitors Location, Age group, Interest, Gender, the time they spent on website and lots more. 

Analyzing those data and making changes in your website in terms of color, placements, CTAs etc helps to retain traffic and decrease bounce rates which might affect website negatively in terms of rankings and trustworthiness.

Checking Website Errors

Any crawling issue related with one’s website can be seen and corrected via Google Webmaster. How Google’s crawler is seeing the website or in other words how the website is appearing in Google Search Engine  and at what position and what keyword. All the incoming links can also be seen in Google webmaster which also allows you to Disavow them incase the website gets penalized. 

Competitor Research

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Building Links and Increasing Authority

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Builds Trust and Reliability

Having a website will no doubt increases trust towards you by your future employer, other companies or your customers (if any..) . It provides high level of credibility to people those are interested to work with you. It also shows your level of dedication and the time you can devote to build a particular thing.  In fact it gives you a chance to tell your story and showcase your talent to your future employer.

Know about Designing and Development

Designing is something that attracts a user and makes them spend some more time in the website in-turn increasing the website’s trust flow and increasing it’s ranking altogether, a varied concept of Inbound Marketing as well.

Open Career Options

A Digital Marketer should know a bit about Designing and Development of the website although that does not comes under the job profile of a digital marketer but more preference by any company is given to them who knows something extra , plus it may also lead to increase in the chances of Job rotation and a real quick Job Promotion.


Can bring you Passive Income

A website that’s in the hand of a Digital Marketer can surely be a good source of Passive Income for them and can help them make good hefty amount of additional Income along with their current income. A website that got good traffic or Alexa Rank in other words are usually approached or contacted by others to collaborate along, for a specific time or an event to  show their banner or mentions on your website for the decided time-frame.

Provides you a platform for Affiliate Marketing

A website can provides every Digital Marketer a platform for Affiliate Marketing and could make you some quick short bucks if you successfully can get the users to buy a particular product or service by making them click on a 3rd party website via your affiliate link so that they may get converted within a limited time-frame for the 3rd party website. 
The commission amount is paid to you by the other website and that commision is depended on the website that you are affiliated with.

Get Ad Network Approved and earn from your Website

If you are a Digital Marketer and have a website you can easily apply for Ad-networks and can get approved by the same, provided you fall under the criterion of getting it approved.  Getting your website Ad-network approved means that you will get paid for every click on the advertisement that’s running on your website.

These Ads are run by 3rd party networks that are Advertising Networks, that connects advertisers with those who wants to host these advertisements. One such example is Google Adsense

Globalize your business to the whole new level

If are running a business you can easily globalize it via Digital promotions or Digital Marketing of your website or make it rank globally to be accessed all over the world. 

Be it offline business or purely online business, to increase your reach you do require online presence and for the same you might require a website. The best example of Global reach company would be Alibaba, a wholesaler grou that acquired the global market in no time via their digital promotion through their website.

globalize business

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