What is E Commerce Marketing and why its essential ?

E commerce refers to commercial transactions conducted through digital networks. In other words,it is about selling and buying done on the internet.

It is mainly of two types B2B (intercompany) & B2C (between enterprise and consumer).

Examples of BtoC could be number 1 ecommerce store, Amazon, and examples of BtoB include the number 1 wholesaler Alibaba



Why E-commerce?


It is strong in expectation of cost reduction effect such as “improvement of work efficiency” and “personnel cost reduction”. It is one of the process that is expected to perform each process automatically from ordering a product to generating a receipt, eventually product shipping, and automated delivery in some places as well like delivery by drones in United States.


In addition, due to the rapid growth of the e-commerce market as a whole, there is also an effect expected from the aspect of corporate growth such as “new market / customer development” and “new channel development”.


In this era of rapid Internet development, not getting trained in digital marketing course will miss the business opportunities brought by e-commerce.  


There are many ways to market e-commerce, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of many e-commerce marketing methods?


Method 1: Price War

The price war in the same industry is a means that merchants often use, and it is also the marketing method that is the easiest city market to lose control. When the banner of the price war started, the merchants entered the endless cycle, and it was difficult for anyone to come out of this infinite loop. They always thought that they would give up in vain and insist on this war. The end result was nothing more than losses to the merchants, declining product quality, and serious harm to the consumer, so that they no longer trust one merchant.

Originally, the company’s products were already in a meager profit situation. If the price war continues, it will inevitably lead to a decline in product quality. The final outcome, self-destruction.


Method 2: Advertising Communication

It is the true purpose of advertising. In the whole network marketing, whether it is Whatsapp marketing, Email marketing, social media promotion or brand integration, marketing has played the role of communication. Today, with the homogenization of products, more and more enterprises are aware of the importance of communication. Through communication, they can create differentiated brand competitive advantages. However, it is important to note here that advertising can be, but not required. Too often advertising will only make the audience irritated and bored.


Method 3: Terminal promotion

Letting the audience understand the enterprise or the brand, and what really makes the consumer consume is the promotion of the sales terminal. The impulse to buy consumers is the role of terminal promotion. With a variety of small gifts, posters, and salespeople’s introductions, consumers are prompted to take action to buy products. Terminal promotion can be more intimate contact with consumers, the effect can be assessed, and the controllability is strong.

Many companies don’t know the importance of terminal promotion, so starting marketing always spends too much money on advertising, but the results are not satisfactory. Combined with advertising and terminal promotion, you can play a greater role, effectively occupy the market.


Method 4: Public welfare marketing

Public welfare activities are usually for giving back to the society and social responsibility. Many people think that if the company does public welfare activities, it is nothing more than a loss-making business. In fact, it is not that public welfare activities are more like a long-term marketing campaign in nature. Expressing the sense of social responsibility of the company through practical actions can make the audience feel good about the company. In fact, this is a disguised image of the company.


Method 5: Word of mouth marketing

The use of enterprise products is word of mouth is the various advantages of the product, which can make products and even brands prevail in the market, which is the great role of word-of-mouth marketing. Among the many marketing touch points, word-of-mouth marketing is of great importance.


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So how do you form a good reputation? Word of mouth is inextricably linked to the consumer’s user experience. After a consumer experience, it feels better than expected. It will be passed on from word to mouth. This kind of communication is more persuasive than advertising, and basically does not cost anything.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most developed marketing tool in the network era, but with good reputation, the company’s product quality and service quality should also be able to convince consumers.


Method 6: Hotspot Marketing

Hotspot marketing is just one of the types of marketing. Enterprises seize the social news and core time when people are most active, and then find the right way to combine the product promotion to be promoted. a series of activities. By publishing a soft text through a good platform, we will create a strong influence in the first time and enhance the exposure of our brand.

A successful store marketing requires a very accurate grasp of the timing, using the news effect of the event and the crowd effect to achieve a different communication effect.


Method 7: Media + E-commerce

The media integrates the attributes of e-commerce, and there is no pressure to realize media advertising, terminal promotion, public welfare marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and event marketing. The so-called martial arts in the world, no strength, no break. The media plus e-commerce is a one-size-fits-all thing. It can improve the consumer’s good feelings from the production link to the sales process and increase the conversion rate.

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