Cyber laws in digital marketing

Every game has it’s own rule and regulations so as the Field of Digital Marketing. Get an insight into the Important Cyber laws to follow in digital marketing.

What Is Cyber Law?

Cyber law refers to how statutory principles and legislation govern the use of the internet in every form. Internet law is a synonym for cyber law. Unlike other areas of the law, cyber law cannot be identified as one consistent, stable, and specific field of practice. In Fact, it incorporates and applies principles from several other fields, such as contract laws, privacy laws and copyright laws.

Cyber law in digital marketing

Cyber law or internet laws include following :

  • Laws related to Website creation

  • Laws checking Internet Service Provider

  • Laws for trademarks usage on online platforms

  • Laws related to resolving of domain name conflicts

  • Laws related to how to web pages linking

  • Laws related to security of web content

Internet is quite new and consistently evolving, therefore laws governing its use cannot be informed only by regular or common law. There is a huge amount of uncertainty regarding what is permitted as per cyber law, and there is still a great need to discover and decide the same. Many a times, judges must apply other  laws as best as they can in order to resolve the dispute.

Types of Internet Regulation

In stringent countries such as China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia the internet is quite censored. There are generally four ways the internet can be perceived. The four methods consists of :

  • Laws:

    To handle the controversies related to the internet most nations look up to the law to watch the behaviour and govern policies. Internet law is typically governs the segments such as gambling, fraud and child pornography. The main issue arises as to determine how proceedings against the crimes can or should be prosecuted .How any site developed on one end of the world expected to abide the internet laws defined by other nation existing on other end of the world.

  • Architecture:

    Where laws are imposed by the government, the term “architecture” refers to the absolute technological limitations of the internet. It consists of everything that affects how information can be transmitted on the internet, from search engines and filters to encryption and coding.

  • Norms:

    No matter what sphere of life norms are needed to keep a track of moral standards . Just like our real life norms, Internet is also governed by many protocols and norms to function properly.

  • Markets:

    The fluctuations of the online marketplace also affect what happens online. Unpopular trends and concepts will not be in demand and will eventually go off. Likewise, if supply exceeds the demand , sellers will need to work for more unique and innovative products. This helps to promote ethical behavior and integrity.

cyber laws

What Website owners should do ?

  • Stay in transparency when it comes to sponsorship, partnership and endorsements.

  • Stay clear about disclosure and follow the said norms.

  • Takes liability for freelance market.

  • See crowd funded projects through to the very end. If you quit from any project, refund the payment collected, if any.

Basic Principles of Cyber Law or Internet Law –

  • Stealing of any copyright, trademark, or patent, should be prohibited and you should not make any profit from doing so.

  • Make sure you have a fair agreement before using other party’s photograph or other visual.

  • You are are not allowed to copyright website code.

  • If you are hiring a ghostwriter, ask them to provide a formal acceptance that you will use their work exclusively for your purpose when they have done writing.

  • Must avoid plagiarism, even when you are using Article Spinner.

  • Although using a competitor’s name in AdWord marketing ploy can be done but still it’s best to consult with a lawyer on the words of the ad post.

  • Online piracy is an offense.

  • Avoid cyber-squatting, as you may face the dreadful consequences.

  • Do not use  tricky pop-ups to solicit people’s information.

  • Do not attempt to stop negative reviews via contractual gag clauses, which restrain freedom of speech.

Furthermore, numerous focuses are there that you should need to think about before surfing the internet and the best method to get familiar with the Internet or Cyber Law is to go into an advanced Digital marketing  organization.

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