Why Web Developers Should Learn Digital Marketing ?

You are a web developer and knows digital marketing too!!! Wow! What a combination!
Indeed as a web developer with digital marketing skills can drastically improve your career prospects.
The web developers who are not familiar with digital marketing might be wondering how does web development relate to digital marketing? So, the answer to this is if you combine your coding skills with online marketing skills, you will gain the specialized skill set that will benefit your full time as well as part-time or freelancing career options.
Digital marketing consists of marketing products and services, even individuals and companies too, using electronic devices. The commonly used digital marketing form is online marketing. Digital marketing involves SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Analytics, Adwords, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Advertisements, Conversion Rate Optimization. Plus for you if you possess some designing skills too.

Benefits of learning digital marketing as a web developer:

(1) High In Demand
As a developer, you create websites that work. If you have the skillset to get targeted audience/traffic to the site, skillsets to improve conversion rates, and knows digital marketing, naturally increase your market value as candidate or employee.
If you have your business of web development or doing freelancing, then you can not only create attractive websites for your clients, but with the knowledge of digital marketing, you can also offer attractive bundled services to them. Your customers will receive more valuable services like AdWords management, content marketing, and management, designing, SEO, etc. at one place and you to can grab the opportunity to earn more.

(2) Increase In Income
Working as a web developer in any company, you can negotiate your salary with your employer because of the dual knowledge of web-development as well as digital marketing specialization. Afterall along with creating the beautiful websites, you have the potential of improving the online presence and sales of businesses.
If you are a freelancer, you can earn double by applying these services to your current and prospective projects.

(3) What In Case If You Have No Job?
This statement sounds pathetic. But being an employee your job would always be at stake. In this type of scenario, starting for a web developer who knows digital marketing too, will be a lot easier than being an ordinary web developer. So why not to develop that digital marketing expertise before the need arises?

(4) You Can Even Launch Your Product Line Or Services
Many aspiring web developers can pull some extra cash or can start their own full-time business by launching their product line or services. In this case, your knowledge of web development and digital marketing acts as a milestone for you because any web developer can create the website but not every web developer can create the websites that work, generate the business and earns the profits.

Final Thought
Many digital marketing careers involve coding skills (many digital marketers rely heavily on data analysis, event tracking, running SQL queries. A/B testing, landing page design/mockups, etc.), and you are master of it. All of these stuff requires your guidance as for the web developer. Digital marketing is the key to accomplishing your aspirations as a web developer plus digital marketer.

So what are you waiting for, go and act? Learn digital marketing in Indore, get job oriented training and get digital marketing jobs. Programming is, of course, a great skill to have, but if you combine it with digital marketing skills, you will surely become an in-demand programmer who is different from the whole crowd of web developers.

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