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Every marketer’s dreams to have an amazing viral marketing campaign that reaches each customer’s touchpoints, but sadly no one can ever be 100% sure whether the content they have prepared will go viral or not.  The customers are the only ones who actually, control the virality of any product or services.

Viral marketing is basically an approach designed to create engaging content where people want to pass on to other people through social networks. It certainly generates desire and curiosity among the customers regarding a particular product or services.

If you think that viral marketing sort of sounds like a virus, you’re not too far away. We all know how viruses can spread from individual to individual, generally through droplets that glide out when we either cough or sneeze.  Now, imagine your mouth or nose as the internet, and the droplets as viral content, speedily infecting anyone who’s nearby.

Though this comparison might be a little gross, this is what viral marketing does — its graphical or cinematic content that’s shared across to a certain point that it spreads like a virus all over the internet. Viral marketing usually takes place across social networks as they are actually designed for sharing.

For example, a viral meme can easily spread across social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram at an incredible speed, and a viral video could blow up through social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

It often occurs that people ask, is there any formula to create viral content? The answer to it is No, but there are relevant steps that can help you to reach one step closer to a fruitful viral marketing campaign. You can consider below tips while creating viral content:-

Satisfy your audiences- This is the best mantra you should live by if you’re actually looking to construct a productive viral content. Viral marketing is indeed highly beneficial because attention proliferates rapidly. However, it’s vital to make sure that the content you are creating should resonate with your audience — or else, your message could go viral for the wrong reasons. If that’s the case, it will be really difficult for your brand name to make a full repossession.

Keep it in a nutshell – This thing applies to both video and text. Mostly viral videos should be short and precise it must tend to range from 30 seconds to a minute. The same goes for blogs and meme make it short and simple for your audience by creating a scannable content.

Take a human interest– When your content connects with the people and pleas to their sentiments, they are more likely to share it. For example, the famous Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the viral campaigns that took over the internet somewhat four years ago. To take part in this challenge, you have to empty ice-cold water on your body and then you have to nominate a friend to follow the same. It became an immediate success — the Ice Bucket Challenge hashtag had gained immense popularity and videos started to a blowout like a wildfire over several social media networks. Because the campaign was made for fun and also it was for a good cause, the campaign completed raising over $115 million.

Adding humour goes long way. It’s not important that your campaigns always have a good cause attached to it. For instance, you have probably seen the memes of the movie Titanic. In that film, an older Rose miserably laments that “it’s been 84 years” since the sinking of the ship. People could relate to it and the meme version went viral — like they have been waiting for 84 years. The meme reached massive popularity because it’s relevant and humorous.

Don’t try too hard. Viral content should have an honest feel — meaning, they should not be seemed like overdone or excessively produce. Memes always seem like they are roughly dragged together, and videos look as if they are homemade or gives the reminiscent of a reality show. Viral blog posts are less dense and social media posts are filled with personality.

As we have understood that Viral Marketing is a style of campaign that counts on the audiences to boost the message, rather than putting your faith on bulky media costs to increase the reach.

Brands often invest profoundly to increase the reach of their promotion online, so when a campaign goes viral it significantly cuts down all these costs, leaving beside the hard work to the consumers. The potential audience on social media platforms is massive, with around 3.6 billion social media users globally, so going viral can offer great opportunities.

Certain trends have taken place and people are much more likely to look at the content shared by their friends rather than any brand, which gives more genuine interactions. Viral marketing sets the user in control and reduces the probability of coming across as intrusive.

Elements of a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign-

Viral marketing does not have to be complicated. Anyone from an owner of an online store to a big brand can generate a successful viral marketing campaign if they follow the below steps:

  1. Research- The first and foremost thing you need to do is to get familiarize with the kind of content that resonates best with the users of the products and services you sell. Usually, people share the viral content to those users who know about your product and services.
    You can also conduct your research seeking the trending content pages of particular social networks and search engine. This will give you a broad-spectrum for the types of content that are pleasing to the general audience. It will also give you a glimpse of the types of viral content that helps promote the product to the crowds. 
  2. Create or Discover– Next step of viral marketing is to create or discover pieces of content that have the potential to go viral. It should feature the product and services you sell and also be of top quality. For content to be appealing enough that people can share it then you must spend time and money on creating high-quality content.
  3. Pre-Launch Campaigns- Viral marketing campaign strategies often exclude the pre-launch stage. The pre-launch stage at times can be just as important as the promotion stage. Launch a teaser campaign to build eagerness through posting content on social media platforms. Run contests, give free trial packages to try the product or services, use the brand hashtags, etc. Once you have carried out these activities you can ease up before the actual launch takes place and the real virality of your product or services starts.
  4. Promotion-Businesses that have a large number of audience are more expected to reach viral content recognition organically (without opting for paid promotions) because the audience they have propels their content forward. On the other hand, businesses which are starting with a lesser or smaller audience may opt to invest in paid promotion approaches in order to ensure that their content extents to the most number of people and make it possible to help it spread quickly. Making a checklist in advance for the great promotion day will make the process of promotion well-organized. Your checklist of promotion procedures should contain social media posts, E-mail marketing, reaching out to influencers, conducting the paid promotion, etc.
  5. Tracking the Campaign– Set the metrics and track the figures frequently after the campaign goes live to truly understand the success behind your campaign. This procedure can also help you to optimize your activities in real-time so that you can get the maximum outcome of your efforts.

Crafting a viral marketing plan with influencers is an impeccable recipe for making sure that your content will be broadly diffuse. They have a capability to reach thousands, lakhs or even millions of social media operators. However, it is utmost important to choose the right kind of profiles to have successful influencer marketing campaigns

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