Why choose a career in digital marketing?

There are many facts around the world that almost every business whether large scale or small scale must take digital steps in their marketing strategies & activities sooner or later, The way businesses are growing, demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day, the supply of digital marketer is outweighing, That’s why there are a lot of opportunities available in the market for those who are looking for job and freelancing work in this field. So, why wait when now is the right time.

What is digital marketing ?

You have got a product that you need to sell & you are looking for ways to engage with customers to confect brand awareness. So we can say that Traditional marketing & Digital marketing is not that different. Digital marketing is one of the most challenging, exciting and fast-paced industries that you can work in & surely! you won’t get bored. Digital marketing comprehends even more roles & skills than traditional marketing will ever have and this variable & versatile nature of the business makes it so appealing. So here are some general specializations that digital marketing professionals will likely put light on during their training or career. –

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

  • Social media marketing (SMM)

  • E-commerce

  • Interactive technologies such as Artificial intelligence

  • Video/audio production

  • Mobile marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Content writing , curation & management

  •  Analytics

It’s a really good thought to think about getting training in at least one or more than one areas, unless you’re in management, in this case, you’ll probably need to know utterly a bit about them all. Because of its cheaper rates Digital marketing is widely known Business. It allows you to get more veracious measuring of the data than traditional marketing strategies. A sensible digital marketer should know the power of social media to market the brand image of the company.

What skills are in demand ?

Demand for knowledgeable professional digital marketers is growing exponentially. The digital marketing career field wreath so many niche jobs. Our lives are embedded with the digital economy in every way & yes it’s not going anywhere. If anyone is thinking about starting or heading a business needs to have a basic understanding of DM to convert customers. Approximately 90% of online activity starts with a search engine & this ensures that the continued fruitfulness of SEO as the most important marketing strategy. While about 70% of Indians make an online purchase at least once a month.Cool though!!

Why choose a career in digital marketing ?

There is plenty of room for those who are looking to enter the world of digital marketing or DM related career world. For those who are more technically minded, there’s still plenty of demand & quite a high earning potential for those who specialize in technologies like SEO & SEM since this is what can be at the base of what drives profits in any business.

How To Get Successful Digital Marketing Career:

1. Find a mentor:
Most people are willing to give some time to others looking to get into the industry, so don’t be afraid to ask. Nothing is more valuable than a mentor who has been there before and can help you learn from their mistakes. Having someone close to reaching out for some advice can help you get ahead.

2. Take the help of DM courses:

In the market there are countless training & learning platforms at both free & paid mode at very low cost or even free, exploding with digital marketing basics & advance and social media courses. If you’re trying to get a chance to break into the industry, Offline classes are a great way to train yourself with practical knowledge. Online courses are also a great option, that can save more time and money simultaneously I feel that this is having some drawbacks too. The major one of them is not only a lack of proper guidance but also a problem of not getting satisfying answers to befalling questions during the learning sessions.

3. Join a networking group:

There are multiple groups on social media platforms but look first locally for in-person networking events you should attend. Usually, they have guest speakers which are a great chance to learn from experts & might be you get an opportunity to even meet their future administrator too.

4.Gear Up with social media:

Camera and finding the perfect filter for your selfies, Digital means a lot more than that. This has to be understood how brands communicate or interact with the audience & people on social media & use their channels to build bonds, relations & make sales. Gear up to speed with the technique of it and you’ll be on your path to success.

5. Decide on agency vs industry:
When it comes to digital marketing there are mainly two career paths. either you can be an In-house marketer for a company or you can work for an agency and handle multiple clients. That’s not to say that you can’t switch later on but deciding where you would like to focus can give you a great head start.

Digital marketing is a career that has plenty of room for techs, creatives, and business people. This is a field that’s changing and engaging. Beyond this, here are a few more reasons to consider this career.
When a job is in demand, that means there’s more opportunity to negotiate remuneration whether you are working in-house or as a freelancer. So long as you “showcase” your work through the job search process, you’ll be able to bid higher and higher the more experience you get.
Work with Different People Every Day:
In this field of digital marketing, you’re always going to go through something different and extremely new stuff to do, by which you can keep yourself fresh in this and able to maintain your level of interest & enthusiasm. Whether it’s a new client, a colleague finding fun ways to engage & expand your audience, people will do well in the social & business end of this career & have someone new to talk to but if you’re a little more on the less interactive like introvert kind of side then no tension at all you can stay behind the scenes doing writing or web work. So, no need to worry about those nervous moments !!

About the Author:

Sachin Dixit is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves to write cool stuff, specializing in technical writing, SEO, Social media marketing and paid advertisement. He is always happy to share his passion for new marketing techniques. Follow me on Twitter @sachinansh