10 Reasons Why Every MBA/ BBA Graduate Should Learn Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when paper-based communication was in trend. And when we talk about today’s young generation, so in this era, this generation is consuming digital content as their daily dose of reading or seeking information or knowledge. Technology brings the world very close.
Today’s generation maintains the relations virtually through Facebook, WhatsApp, mobile phone and many other modern gadgets. Social media is an integral part of their lifestyle. So, don’t you think that learning digital marketing is the emerging need for today’s profession ready youth?

Just imagine the benefits and advantages of learning digital marketing in today’s era. When you came out of college after completing your graduation or maybe you are thinking of entering in business or profession after completing your MBA, do you think mere your degrees will allow you to survive in the highly competitive digital market? The answer is a big No. The reason is simple. Your degrees did not teach you the tricks and tips on how to be successful in digital marketing age where every second five new profiles on Facebook are getting created. To stay in the market, to compete with competitors, one must need to enhance their digital marketing skills irrespective of their profession or occupation.

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Digital Marketing Is Different From Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing means marketing through traditional means like the newspaper, radio, television, etc. The cost of marketing in traditional media is decided according to the reach that particular media could provide. Whereas, through digital marketing, you can tailor your marketing campaign to arrive at your targeted audience. Here the cost of marketing, most of the times, is based on the interaction of audience with your advertisement. You can also measure digital marketing ROI in your digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Content is Different from Traditional Marketing Content
Social Media content and feed keeps on changing every second. The audience today scroll, accept and reject content very quickly. To engage with them, one needs to replace the advertising strategy and must need to be present at the platform where your audience or likely customers are available to grab their attention. This kind of content creation requires special skills that can only be learned through Digital Marketing Courses.
Build or Break Reputation
Digital marketing has the power to create positive as well as negative impact of the company or individual. Reviews on Facebook, Amazon, travel sites, etc. are the best example of it. Digital marketing explores the word-of-mouth promotions opportunities that online media provides and also knows to utilize this to own advantage.

Now, Let’s Discuss Why As A Graduate You Need To Learn Digital Marketing
(1) Digital marketing is not a rocket science, and one can easily learn it
(2) It adds value to your primary degree or diploma
(3) You can use the skill learned in digital marketing as entrepreneur or also opt it as a freelancing profession
(4) Digital marketing professionals are high in demand in today’s competitive market
(5) Plenty of job generation in digital marketing landscape in coming years
(6) Your resume have double chances of catching the eye of recruiter or employer if you are the master of digital marketing along with your mainstream degree/diploma
(7) An opportunity to earn more than your peers isn’t it great!!!
(8) Today’s marketing strategy is incomplete without digital marketing strategy
(9) Acquiring digital marketing skills is affordable and give high returns
(10) Opportunities to settle your future after BBA//MBA/Graduation

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