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What’s the role of Digital marketing in Digital India?

Digital India is a Dream Project of our Nation, which is working at its best so far. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi has brought a thought into action. The Digital India is a mission which needs no hardcore physical or mental efforts, but just a change in forecasting the future of upcoming/new generation. The emphasis and focus is [...]

How Digital Marketing can help Grow your E-com Business?

E-commerce is the commercial activities through electronic media, Digital Marketing is Marketing through Digital (electronic) media. Thus Digital Marketing is one of the Commercial activity taken care of with the help of Electronic processing. To become a good businessman it is needed to be aware of the technical updates, the changing trends in the industry, the market change, competency, compatibility, [...]

Top Trends in Digital Marketing in 2018

The technology is changing and updating itself within no time. Thus we also need to upgrade all what we know and all what will benefit us. The boom of social media is changing the trend and is becoming trend setter for other monotonous patterns of communication. The major changes seen so far are the change in mode of communication, the [...]

What’s the Future Of Digital Marketing in India?

As the name suggests Digital Marketing is the Marketing being Digitalized. Digital marketing is a robust industry which will go on growing till there is the existence of Supply and Demand chain. The main objective of digital marketing is to be reachable to user. The usage of mobile phones and internet has made it easier to reach to peer. The [...]

Why Housewives Should Build A Career In Digital Marketing ?

Unlike old-time mother's, 21st-century mother's are true lovers, caretaker, rulers, home ministers and much more to this. But at the same time, she is active, passionate, use technology and keep herself about almost anything and everything around. Homemakers are the star of the family. Many of them undoubtedly want to shine in professional fields but somehow, sometimes, willingly or unwillingly [...]

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Why Learning Digital Marketing Is Good For Small Business Owners

With the evolution and continuous change in modern technology, small and medium business owners are struggling hard to compete with the big players. But no one can deny the fact that digitization force every market player whether big or small one to change their business model. Small business owners also understand the crying need of the time. Among them, some [...]

Top Reasons Why Engineers Must Go With Digital Marketing Course

In today's scenario, automation is taking over the traditional IT jobs. To overcome this fear, opting Digital Marketing as the full or part-time profession going to be the savior with its vast scope. How digital marketing blends well with engineering? So, answer to this is engineering and digital marketing are all together are very different streams, but in a way, [...]

Why Web Developers Should Learn Digital Marketing ?

You are a web developer and knows digital marketing too!!! Wow! What a combination! Indeed as a web developer with digital marketing skills can drastically improve your career prospects. The web developers who are not familiar with digital marketing might be wondering how does web development relate to digital marketing? So, the answer to this is if you combine your [...]

10 Reasons Why Every MBA/ BBA Graduate Should Learn Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when paper-based communication was in trend. And when we talk about today's young generation, so in this era, this generation is consuming digital content as their daily dose of reading or seeking information or knowledge. Technology brings the world very close. Today's generation maintains the relations virtually through Facebook, WhatsApp, mobile phone and many other modern [...]

What is SEO and why it’s so important

  People do many businesses for their livings and these businesses can be a local or global. Some of the businesses are having their physical stores, addresses and some of them are doing it remotely or online. But one thing is common in every business that is desire and passion to get success. Today each and every business does whatever [...]