What’s the role of Digital marketing in Digital India?

Digital India is a Dream Project of our Nation, which is working at its best so far. Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi has brought a thought into action. The Digital India is a mission which needs no hardcore physical or mental efforts, but just a change in forecasting the future of upcoming/new generation. The emphasis and focus is not only to make Digital India, but to provide literacy and equal opportunities with increased educational level of the nation.

There are various organizations like- Crazyonweb that runs Digital marketing classes in Indore, providing proper training and certification to the aspirants for making there career in the same field.

The benefits provided by Digital Marketing :

  1. Easy payment of Tax : The Tax calculation and its payment is made easy with the help of different apps. Provided which are secure and less time consuming.

  2. Just a Click away Banking : Banking transactions are of great concern for every individual –as “money matters”, thus to bring banking a click away is a very important facility which turned to be true through Digitalization. The selling and purchasing is no longer a time taking activity.

  3. Secure Marketing : The secure marketing is the need of not only the consumer, but also the seller, thus providing the secure transaction is of great concern.

  4. Easy promotions : Promotion of the products is now no longer completely dependent on face to face interaction, printed adds, and pamphlets etc. The Digital Marketing provides easy and efficient promotional platform.

  5. Reachability to the End user : “Mobile phones” – every body is like becoming addicted towards mobile phones. Thus the most reachable resource for reaching the end user, with all formal proceedings made electronic.

  6. Data collection and analysis : The Data is said to be an Asset for every organization, the most tough task for a beginner or entrepreneur. The collection and analysis of data is made easy by the Digitalization, which thus helps in predicting and forecasting the sales and other Marketing activities.

  7. Sharing of Data : The Data is getting centralized for reachability, thus the need of data for Digital Marketing is being fulfilled.

  8. Fast transactions : As the Reachability is increasing through Digitalization, also is increasing the competition in the market. Digital Marketing provides the benefit of fast transaction and immediate accessibility of the product.

  9. Investments Made Easy : Digital Marketing benefits the investment by providing the feature of analysis of data, comparative study and new possibilities in future in devours.

  10. Opportunity of Employment to all : Digital Marketing benefits Employment through the “work from home concept” introduced for all category of people (students, house wife, retired personals etc.).

For making Digital India, Digital Marketing is an Economic activity which provides opportunity to all, form a small scale home made product to big bang company products, to compete on the same platform. Digital Marketing training in Indore by Crazyonweb provides training for the same through there courses.

Overcome backlogs of Indian development via Make in India and Digital marketing.

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