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Google AdSense : Is it worth ?

You might have heard of Google Adsense, a tool by Google that senses the clicks on the ad that is placed on your website and get you paid accordingly. Well the question is, is it really worth having an Adsense banner in your website and lots of ads floating around in your website ?   The answer would be simple, [...]

Content marketing and the related terms

A phase that defines the overall perspective of online marketing- "content is the king".   To all the online marketers out there this phase isn't a new thing to be heard of. Content marketing to a layman is just marketing of the content. But in real scenario content + marketing does not always equals content marketing.   Not just a [...]

Is Mobile Marketing Dead ?

With the exponential increase  in the mobile deployments in India followed by Reliance Jio by the term Growth hacking is considered the perfect time for having the best Mobile Marketing Strategy involvements.   Mobile Marketing as the term defines itself the use of technologies thats directly or indirectly involves the use of Mobile phones.   With more than 5.5 billion [...]

The Pay Per Click Advertising : Know How

PPC or pay per click is when the advertiser pay for each click made by the user on their ads. Whenever the ad is clicked by the user, they gets redirected to our website and for that traffic costs you pay some small amount of money. Pay per click advertising (PPC)  evolved over the past few years into a combination [...]

Role of Website Planning and Structuring in Ranking

In case you are wondering the need of a proper plan and how proper structuring of your website may affect your presence online. Lemme tell you “The Answer”   The answer can be connected to your life. You might have heard of the famous saying “A proper Management could lead towards your growing enhancement.” - Lakshya AR (Digital Marketing Strategist) [...]

Google Ads Hack 2018 | Google Adwords hack 2018

A sponsored link campaign requires proper preparation. The way the Google Ads (Google Adwords) system works rewards advertisers who prepare good ads, ie ads that are often clicked and have high CTR (it also rewards those who pay the highest rates per click, but this should not be the advertiser's goal .   You might have observed, whenever you search for anything on Google [...]

Everything about Email Marketing

The Following Article describes everything about email marketing, it's uses and the tools that are covered in email marketing training and practice for the best email marketing campaigns to attract your customers or build a career as E-mail marketing specialists   Email marketing comes under the broader category of direct marketing that is a method employed by online marketing businesses. [...]

Knowing the SEO Requirements through Website Audit

When you have a website for your business and want to enhance it’s search engine visibility, then a website audit (or “site audit”) is a perfect starting point for your website.   Many businesses integrate SEO Practices for online promotion strategies but not necessarily get the desired results. Here the Website audit comes into play, as it provides you all [...]

Earning through Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?   Affiliate advertising is an online sales strategy that lets an item proprietor increase sales by permitting others to focus on a similar group of product searchers – "members" – to earn a commission by suggesting the item to others. In the meantime, it makes it profitable for affiliate marketers to gain cash on sales without [...]

Perform a planned Competitor analysis to get the spotlight from day one

The term Competitor Analysis frequently evokes ideas of spying and secret activities, however the truth of the matter is, you should focus on continuous aggressive research as an approach to develop and advance.   When it comes to competitor analysis a competitor  will be somebody who lands the position you simply offer on, it may very well as likely to [...]