Google AdSense : Is it worth ?

You might have heard of Google Adsense, a tool by Google that senses the clicks on the ad that is placed on your website and get you paid accordingly.

Well the question is, is it really worth having an Adsense banner in your website and lots of ads floating around in your website ?


The answer would be simple, why not ? Any ad that is related to your niche in your website only makes the path of the user simpler.

You can always attach other banners to your site or use search of affiliate advertising programs.

However, in affiliate marketing, it is expected that visitors of your website will complete selling before you receive a compensation.


There are many who earn over $2- $3 a day using AdSense, and its not hard to imagine their earning in an year with that .


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A lot of people like to complicate making money online.


What you need to make a good amount of money online is to find a specific niche for your website.


You may use the tools for your research like Google Keyword Planner or Uber Suggest. Just start brainstorming your core keywords and start writing them over there..


3 important factors should be kept in mind while researching about the keywords:




  1. The Search Volume of a keyword per month.

    It is highly recommended to go with the higher search volume keywords as chances of coming to your site for your user would be very high.


  1. The average cost per click for the keywords you want to target on.

    The higher, the better.  You are going to put the same amount of effort into building your site to have Adsense approved to make money for you.   


  1. The competition level.  

    The less amount of results when you type your keywords into Google, the better.  The higher the competition level, the harder you will have to work to get into top 10 rankings.  

It is possible to get high rankings with any competition level, but it can get frustrating trying to achieve them.  


Advertisements are automatically generated based on the content of the site. When using an affiliate advertising program, you need to specify the specific category to which the site belongs.


However, if any of the pages on your site are outside these categories, the ad will no longer be targeted. The meaning is that there is a possibility that the advertisement is displayed to users who are not interested and may lead to inefficiency.


Google AdSense will not happen at all. Ads on your site are always in sync with what your visitors are interested in and are added to the value of the site and the revenue it generates.


In addition, the appearance of these banners and their sizes is customizable. That is, it is more integrated with the rest of the content of the site, improving the overall visual quality of the site, not the traditional approach.


For many people there is also a big problem in finding people who advertise on their site. AdSense is the easiest available solution for this problem today.


Setting up AdSense on your site and generating income from the same is what is taught in digital marketing institute in indore.

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