Is Mobile Marketing Dead ?

With the exponential increase  in the mobile deployments in India followed by Reliance Jio by the term Growth hacking is considered the perfect time for having the best Mobile Marketing Strategy involvements.


Mobile Marketing as the term defines itself the use of technologies thats directly or indirectly involves the use of Mobile phones.


With more than 5.5 billion cellphone users, 4 billion got the access of internet around the world.


The same data for India along with the future prediction can be seen below  

Mobiles are no longer a luxury unlike few years back with the Ecommerce Marketing strategies engulfed by various cellphone companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola etc  changed the long held back thoughts in the minds of the people.


Thoughts that was processed with the questions of affordability.


Now mobile phones have become a  necessity for everyone. Companies or individuals those involve themselves in mobile marketing got the power of grabbing the interest level or attention level of those users to whom mobile phone is like a family member.


What are you most likely to have with you the entire day? Your Wallet , Keys and most probably the most in use electronic device: Mobile Phone. The same is the case with your customers.


More and more people nowadays use their cell phones to stay connected to family, friends, and work using the mobile web


Mobile Marketing Strategy is sure to set up your business


There are 10 core types of Mobile Marketing Techniques to follow to grab the attention of users at every possible levels.


10 Mobile Marketing Techniques 


  1. Mobile Advertising (via Adwords or Google Ads)

  2. Mobile Applications (that represents your company)

  3. Gamification or Augmented Reality

  4. SMS / Whatsapp marketing

  5. Mobile Email Marketing

  6. Mobile friendly site and Mobile SEO

  7. Video Marketing

  8. IoT (Internet of Things)

  9. Artificial Intelligence (Personal Assistants like “Ok Google”, “Cortana”, “Siri” etc )

  10. QR Code



Good Mobile marketing Techniques involves the use of some good Mobile marketing tools for the enhancement of those techniques.


Some of the tools that would be required by you to outrun your mobile marketing campaigns are as below:


Tools For Mobile Marketing Campaigns


Mobile Advertizing Tools:


  • Admob:

    A freebie by Google that is used to advertise or promote your apps through in-app advertisements or to monetize your app vua in-app advertising.



  • DoubleClick or Google Marketing Platform:

    Google Marketing Platform caters to different needs of different users viz. advertisers, publishers and networks. Its a platform for both Analytics Certified Partners and DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners that includes resources across all of the products. An ad management solution that allows you to manage the complete digital advertisements.


  • Tapjoy:

    An interesting player in the mobile monetization and offers an innovative model that works on technique based on barter system. The users are provided with some digital currency or digital points that they could use to unlock additional features in the game that they are addicted to.



Mobile Analytic Tools:


  • Amplitude:

    An Analytical tool that helps to track daily, weekly and monthly active users. Amplitude also gives you access to the metrics like sessions, retention, device types, platform, country, language, location etc.


  • Mobile App Tracking:

    Mobile App Tracking integrates with plenty of mobile ad networks and publishers and helps to track your marketing campaign across multiple ad networks.


  • Google Analytics:

    Another freebie by Google which you can take advantage of. Google Analytics suite not only allows you to track everything that occurs on mobile, but you can also track it from your mobile device as well.



Mobile Social Marketing Tools:



  • Whatsapp Business:

    A freebie tool launched by whatsapp for the the sole purpose of Businesses by keeping in mind the requirements of small medium enterprise. Whatsapp Business gives you the freedom to automate responses and define quick responses to your customers along with other features to write info about your Business and its location place.

  • Instagram:

    Instagram is said to increase awareness among the youth, drive traffic to your website, as well as encourage downloads of your mobile applications.


  • Facebook:

    Facebook is far too large to ignore, or its the apes world we are talking about. With far to amazing options that Facebook offers for advertising, posting and interactions. you are able to market and interacts directly to users that falls in your target demographics.



Mobile Marketing has evolved to greater heights since the term first came in existence. Get hold of all the latest technologies used along with updated tools and get trained from Digital Marketing training in indore.

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