Growth Hacking- A secret to sure success.

Growth hacking is a secret to sure success and an umbrella term for techniques gathered together exclusively on growth. It is typically utilized as a part of connection to beginning period of new businesses who require huge growth in a limited time frame with little budgets. Learn to become a successful Growth Hacker only at Crazyonweb, Indore’s best digital marketing classes.


The objective of growth hacking methods for the most businesses is to gain whatever number of clients or sales as could be allowed while spending comparatively lesser amount. The term “ Growth Hacking” was coined by Sean Ellis, Founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, in 2010.


Growth hacking techniques fall into three primary zones:

a)Content advertising

b)Product Marketing

c)Promotion and publicity


Content advertising can be an ease approach to get the word out about your item. Normal content marketing includes :

-Beginning a blog and making important, shareable substance

-Visitor blogging

-Making web based content

-Composing ebooks and white papers


-Running online classes

-Running challenges and giveaways

-Motivating bloggers to audit your item

-Joining important discussions, gatherings and subreddits

-Influencer marketing

-Utilizing email marketing to construct a more grounded association with clients

-Enhancing content with SEO

-Getting published in important commercial centers and destinations, for example, Product Hunt


Product marketing includes techniques for making your product more attractive, and building the customer base. They include:

  • Leveraging the fear of missing out (FOMO) by using invitation signup template
  • Converting the user on boarding process into game to make it more enjoyable, and offering prizes.
  • Allotting incentives for referrals that benefit both the referrer and the new consumer.
  • Affiliate marketing, which will also use content marketing growth tactics.

Promotion and Publicity – Growth hackers can also use social media marketing and pay per click (PPC) advertising to promote their business. They can take help of various available digital platforms to create the buzz and hype for their services and products while conveying their message to a wider customer base.

Growth Hacking Examples

Some very famous examples of successful growth hacking campaigns include:

1.Hotmail, which appended a line to each outgoing email encouraging people to sign up for a new account.

2.AirBnB, which used Craigslist to find and market to people looking for affordable accommodation.

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